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 Gwendolyn Hale (Unfinished, doing later)

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Gwendolyn Hale (Unfinished, doing later) Empty
PostSubject: Gwendolyn Hale (Unfinished, doing later)   Gwendolyn Hale (Unfinished, doing later) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 1:26 pm

Name: Gwendolyn Hale
Sexuality: Straight
DOB: 06/80/1983
Gender: Female

Gwendolyn Hale (Unfinished, doing later) Tadaawl5

Hair: Golden blonde, long and curly
Eyes: Brown flecked with gold
Height: 5'0
Build: Petite, slender

Enrolled at Hogwarts: 1994
Wand: 6 inches with unicorn hair and willow bark
House: Gryffindor

Background: Gwendolyn's family have always been extremely rich, and to on-lookers, her family seemed 'Perfect'. But all was not as it seemed.
Behind closed doors, her mother, Anabelle, was having an affair with their French butler, Jean. This greatly amgered her father, Clyde, who henceforth threw Gwendolyns mother out of their large mansion.
However, the trauma didn't end there. Over the next few years of her life, Gwendolyn's father began to abuse her: Mentaly, Physically, and Sexually. Gwen has now locked this memory deep within her soul, and never wants the truth to return to her. She recieved a letter to Hogwarts 3 years after her father started his abuse, and accepted the School's invitation as a sanctuary.
She has not yet made any friends at this school.

Personality: Not too good at acedemic subjects, her favourite subject is flying practise. She is on the quidditch team, as she greatly enjoys the feeling of flying. Gwendolyn is warm hearted, with immense braveness that she uses to protect her friends from whatever harsh brutalities life will throw.
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Gwendolyn Hale (Unfinished, doing later)
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