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 Carnell Vizien

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PostSubject: Carnell Vizien   Carnell Vizien Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 11:09 am

Carnell Vizien Ice
Carnell Vizien Carnellrobe
Carnell's Hellion robe, permanently scorched.

Name: Carnell Vizien ( Car-Nel Viz-i-en)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
DOB: 10th July
Height: 5’6
Build: Light
Eyes: White
Hair: White/Grey
Skin: Pale
Notable marks: Reaper call on underside of the left forearm, burn scars over the entire right arm and right side of the face
Wand: 11 inches, California Redwood, Banshee lock Core
Previous School: marked simply as ‘Private’
Affliations: Slytherin, Hogwarts Hellions

Carnell Vizien Carnellsreapercall
Carnell's Reaper call
Carnell Vizien Ice

Personality: Many have claimed Carnell as insane, but if so he has to have the most logical madness imaginable. He often seems very incoherent, shifting between some rather worrying character traits. These can range from a Gleeful Sadism to a confident and intimidating silence. It wouldn’t be far to say he has no empathy or doesn’t love however. He seems to whole-heartedly adore putting others on edge and does so without as much as a hint of remorse from him.

Not only that, but anyone who does not shy away from his rather bizarre behaviour usually find themselves the subject of a strange fascination. It would almost appear Carnell is happy either way with people’s reactions. He never attempts to provoke these responses however, often keeping to himself until there is need for him to do otherwise.

For a wizard, Carnell seems quite reluctant or uncaring for the magical arts, despite his rather zealous study of the subject. Carnell using so much as an incantation is a rare enough sight. Many chiding whispers behind his back suggest that this is because he has no skill in the matter, but tales whispered among the Hellions concerning a battle at Hogsmede tell a different story.

Carnell Vizien Ice

Background: Carnell’s background has been somewhat of a hot topic. He gleefully declines to comment on his past, regardless of who asks or where. The rare time he may have mentioned his history, has been completely in private and utterly confidential leaving everyone, almost without exception clueless.

There are a variety of rumours about Carnell’s past however, which he doesn’t even acknowledge. They vary with each telling, but the typical stories are of an abandoned child, A Dark Arts experiment gone wrong or the son of a Banshee (Carnell himself sometimes refers to his wand as ‘Mother’s Gift’).

Time at Hogwarts has done nothing but support a couple of these theories. He had a strange foresight to an accident at a party, which yeilded lethal results, and during a battle at Hogsmede more than a few Hellions compared his battle crys to a Banshee's wail, both points supporting the 'son of a banshee' theory.

If anything, his time has raised only more questions however. He seems to have knowledge of Pearl's mother and her tragic demise, and as if his appearance was not fearsome enough he now sports some brutally deformed burns, yet refuses to comment on their origin. Carnell still has many secrets... some worry too many...

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Carnell Vizien
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